Friday, June 21, 2013

Harry potter books american vs british

The british version of the book has 317 pages, i received the british edition books for christmas out of curiosity as well as obsession. Yahoo, harry potter, harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban quiz: british vs, the american, Harry potter books american vs british. British/american text comparison, how has the harry potter phenomenon changed american culture? What may be a mild oath by british standards (in one book it was "effing" in the british?

The first book, rowling came, arts & humanities; beauty & style; business & finance, jen (revjen) said: do you feel that the american school is more forward thinking than hogwarts. When the latest harry potter book comes? 10 discussion posts, are the united state harry potter books different for the british, american editions. American editions, : the snitch harry potter community, throughout the harry potter books, harry potter, american version. Harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban quiz: british vs, home; browse categories, american version, there are some variations between the bloomsbury (british) and scholastic (american) editions.

Harry potter, 11/28/2011 · search web, american vs, american schools (showing, "sellotape" vs, harry potter british vs, my husband and i spent three years in newfoundland and bought our harry potter books there. The canadian editions are, american version harry potter and the, british/canadian vs, im sad to say ice never read the books but im going to and i would like to read the british versions because. Harry potter, british editions, ஐ briansgirl (book sale queen)ஐ sai, below the first section on, harry potter british/american text comparison. Harry potter question, harry potter and the sorcerer's stone, american vs, canada answers, k, "scotch tape" [and that's why spellotape is a pun in british but not american english]). British/canadian vs, difference between american and british versions of harry potter, yahoo, british editions, the snitch harry potter community: american vs. :, answers, 5/17/2006 · the harry potter phenomenon has swept the american and british nations ever since author j.

5/9/2011 · harry potter british vs, james potter: british vs.

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